The perfect blend of mature processes, flexible delivery models, effective project management, broad technology and domain expertise enable Innoxgen to support the entire cycle of software application development.
Welcome to the world of hassles free IT set up. We create websites, custom-built applications and software products that enables your organization to streamline efficiency, increase productivity and work smarter.
   Deploying a website or business application requires more than just software. We offer a number of important services that help our customers to improve the way they work and manage information.
   Our highly creative website development team design and build fresh, dynamic websites for organization of all sizes. Combining years of experience with the very latest technologies we can ensure that your online business strategy is effective and tightly integrates with your day-today processes.

Web Development

   As a complete Web Solutions Company Innoxgen offers customer-oriented web design services and more importantly, deliver them effectively. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we can cater to all your needs, giving you an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients in and around Kerala. A successful web design demands a clear concept as well as an ability to visualize the overall solution within the scope of business or industry at hand. Whether your goal is to provide information, products, e-commerce or online services, we can ensure that the visitors to your site enjoy an informative, user-friendly, aesthetic and interactive experience.
   Within our strategy, we provide our clients with multiple website designs in order to give them a wide range of choices with the flexibility to perform changes prior to presenting the final layout.


   If you have the Commitment and Desire to launch your eCommerce website we have the experience and expertise to make it success!
   Our eCommerce solutions are tailor-made, specially keeping the startup and established business ventures into center. We are helping the start-up businesses by designing for them award winning platforms and providing them with real time consultancy. Whether it is about the “Single Page Checkouts” that engage high conversions, or the “Secured Shopping Basket,” we simply cater to all eCommerce needs.

Mobile App Development

   One of the fundamental promises we gave ourselves when Innoxgen was born, is to always keep pace with the latest innovations and technologies to provide the users with a smooth navigation experience by creating a digital smart interface.
   Using the latest development technologies and design trends, we thrive to bring you the most vibrant and upbeat mobile applications.

Cloud And DevOps

   Cloud technology is one of the most powerful tools every enterprise should be using. Innoxgen can effectively implement cloud-based solutions for your digital issues. We are experienced in working with cloud technologies and formulating solutions for the industry-specific needs of our clients.
   In addition to agile development, we also put effort into furthuring DevOps. DevOps is a completely cloud-centric approach. It blends tasks like app development and website customization to promote better communication. DevOps is a standard approach for IT firms and helps you maintain smooth operations and rapid development of software.
   DevOps pairs well with cloud-based solutions because it adds a number of beneficent processes to any cloud-based product. The main purpose behind adopting DevOps is to allow developers and project managers to understand the real-time need of clients.

QA & Software Testing

   If you’re planning to build a website, app or software system, you should keep in mind that Software Testing & Quality Assurance is exceptionally important. Testing finds out bugs and makes your software product more functional and successful among the audience. At Innoxgen, we offer a full range of software testing services for all products whether it be a website, mobile app, or software system. We have a trusted name in both manual and automated testing. Our vision is to help make sure that your innovative product is bug-free and ready for deployment.

Digital Marketing

   In today’s digital marketing company age, it is about implementing a good business strategy and go where your customers are searching or looking for you. Your potential customers are increasingly turning to the Internet and social media to research before making their buying decision. Small or big, smart businesses have started to embrace a tailored digital marketing strategy to meet their business & financial goals, and increase market share
We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing Services!